Hello. I’m Charles and this is Silversuit, my website.

I live and work in England.

I am an INFP-A. My strengths, according to StrengthsFinder 2.0, are:

  1. Intellection
  2. Strategic
  3. Input
  4. Ideation
  5. Adaptability

On this site I write about some of the things I care about: the World Wide Web, design, code, data, nature, art, science, culture and quality. I am particularly interested in the intersection of people, technology, art, and science. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these things (very far from it).

I have been into computers since I was ten, and worked with them professionally since I was sixteen, which amounts to over 30 years. I love computers. I have been programming, designing and building things with PCs for most of those 30 years. I have worked as a graphic designer, a web designer, a biodiversity data manager, a GIS analyst, a teacher, an IT technician, a financial researcher, and a director. The work I do currently for the Field Studies Council is digital development and strategy.

As a proud generalist, I think the job title of webmaster should make a comeback. Or, better yet, webmeister.

I also have a keen interest in Stoic philosophy and mindfulness.

About this site

The Hardware

This site was built on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I’m a geek and my tools matter to me. Here's a rundown of my gear:

The Software (in alphabetic order)

Web and Server Tooling


The typeface used throughout this site is Fira Sans designed for Mozilla Foundation by Erik Spiekermann and Ralph Du Carrois @ Edenspiekermann in Berlin.

Shout Outs

Big props to the inline-block Slack community. You people rock.