Thirty minutes a day

I have been trying to find a way to get into the writing habit. A little bit of writing, teaching, creating is like exercise for the mind. It helps you learn. I don't get a lot of physical exercise (which really bothers me) so I'm trying to compensate with mental exercise. Whether it'll be interesting or useful to others, I do not know - the practice is primarily for me.

But it turns out getting into a modest writing habit is hard. Staring at a blank screen (or blank piece of paper) is one of those obstables many people with a desire to create something find. The desire is there and yet the obstacle is there. The obstacle always seems to be bigger and more powerful than the desire. Unless you're on a good walk or driving or in the shower or anywhere other than where you can write. Why is that?

Daphne Gray-Grant writes a useful little weekly email called Power Writing. It's good, you should subscribe. A few weeks ago, one arrived discussing why you should spend your first 30 minutes writing . This really resonated. I'm giving it a try. I've also been inspired by Jocko's 445club. I am not getting up at 4:45am, but I am getting up an hour earlier and trying to get in the habit. This is my first day.