30 day writing challenge

I wrote just under a month ago that I would be trying to write more every day. I committed to doing 30 minutes a day.

I have not been successful.

But that's okay. Failure make us stronger. We learn. We adapt.

So I'm changing tack slightly. Marc Jenkins has kicked off a 30 day writing challenge (30DWC) which challenges us to write something for every day in April. It's a good challenge and I'm going to try it, even though there's a strong probability I will fail.

I am seven days behind at the moment, so have to catch up. If I write two things a day, I can do that.

I only really have about 30 minutes to write each day, so I'll have to be quick. But that's okay, I'll think of it as a jazz jam session and not worry about quality. Seeing as I will have to write two things each day, I'll have to make sure I knuckle down and find another 30 minutes somewhere. If I don't, at least I know I will have tried.

To kick off this first post, some preliminaries as suggested by Marc.

Where to write

As in, where to post this stuff. I'm good on that front as I have this website. As I write this it is not deployed, but that's okay. It will be.

Set your goals

My goal is to write something for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. If I don't cram it all into April, that will be okay. The more important goal is 30 minutes each day for at least 30 days. So, my spin on the task could be called the 30×30 Challenge. The overarching goal is to set a new habit.

But there's a rub (isn't there always?). I can't do weekends. I cannot reliably commit to weekends. Weekends are family time first and foremost. So, if I miss weekends, that's also okay. I'll either catch up or I won't.

Dealing with resistance

My primary source of resistance is me. I find getting started hard. Once started, I'm fine. Like now. So the key to dealing with the resistance is starting. I need to crush the resistance and, every day, simply start. Simple, but not easy.

Add writing to your schedule

Every weekday morning first thing after a little stretching and exercise to get the blood pumping. That's what I commit to. That's my schedule.

What should I write about?

Lots of things interest me. Coming up with things to write about isn't hard. Actually writing is. So as suggested by Marc, I am keeping a spark file. I'm keeping that in OneNote which I'm just discovering as part of this challenge, thanks to Bealers. I might write about my experiences with OneNote at some point.

Don't break the chain

Part of this challenge is to create a new habit out of writing. To help track that, I'm trying out Rewire, an app that keeps track of "chains" of activity. Writing about that is my next writing task.

495 Words. I spent just under and hour writing this today with a few distractions sprinkled in. So twice as long as I had planned for. Must get disciplined!