The colours of Star Wars

The Last Jedi

I wanted to mark this occasion. The title of the next episode in the Skywalker saga is The Last Jedi. A fine name. The red type is interesting – a notable departure from the familiar yellow.

Rands makes an interesting observation: he associates each episode of the original trilogy with a colour. In his mind it's blue for A New Hope, red for The Empire Strikes Back, and green for Return of the Jedi. I've had similar associations in my mind too, although mine are different:

  • Yellow for ANH – the logo, the sand, Luke and Leia in that poster;
  • Blue for Empire – cold, icy Hoth; cloudy Bespin; the blueish hue of Imperial metal. The poster is also primarily blue.
  • I'm totally with him on green for Jedi, though.
  • The Force Awakens is a red-blue split.

(The prequels are kinda brown, in case you were wondering. All the posters were pretty brownish. And Jar Jar Binks of course. Enough said.)

How about you?